Monday, December 26, 2011

Twas the Day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was found
Except for the spouse
(and 3 dogs)

Well, it's finally over. All of the excitement, the buildup of anticipation, the expectant joy.
Or is it?
Why is it sometimes the day after Christmas feels like a letdown?
Is it because of the HUGE empty space under the tree?
The loneliness of someone whose family has returned to their respective homes?

The story has just begun.
Jesus has come. A Savior is born. A baby lies in a manger.
In a little over 3 months, we'll be mourning the death and celebrating the resurrection of the one who we said we were so overjoyed to be "The Reason For The Season" just a few days ago.

So as we prepare for the new year to begin, let's remember that Christ never comes and goes like the seasons and holidays. God was always, is always and will be always. His Holy Spirit was sent here to stay with us until one day all Christians will get to be in Heaven.

Let's look forward to, anticipate, wait patiently and any other positive word you can think of when it comes to starting a new year, a new leaf and possibly even a new life (in Christ perhaps? There's never been a better time!) in the coming days.

Happy New Year everyone and may God bless you all.



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  1. Wonderful post and a great reminder that indeed while Jesus is the reason for the season, we should keep Him in our hearts more than one day a year!


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