Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping Strikes Again

By now everyone should know who Harold Camping is. And everyone should feel disappointed, relieved or somewhat quizzical when his prediction last Saturday didn't come true if they believed in it. (if you're reading this, I hope you weren't one of the few who did)
Frankly, I believe in the bible. Everyone has quoted the scripture in Matthew and maybe a few people will have at least learned one bible verse to include with their knowledge of John 3:16.
But if I could warn Harold and any of his followers of one thing it would be this:
You went against God and were made a fool of, the first time in 1994 and now in 2011. Learn from your mistakes. Do not be duped into the revised Oct 2011 date that has just been released. (3 strikes and you're out!?!) Sooner or later, God may say "enough is enough." Besides, what if you're wrong and God comes today or tomorrow.
Prince once put out a song that said "Party like it's 1999" (another prediction that went sour, though not Harolds this time).
I say "let's get right with God now" in case Oct 2011 is too late!
Okay, enough on that subject, new post in series tomorrow.

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