Monday, May 16, 2011

Rock On

From previous blog:
      Nominations committee should have people on it who have been ACTIVE in the church for several years. By active I mean, that they have done more than sat on a committee and showed up at meetings. Someone who leads a group, and/or is involved in an active part of a ministry of the church. These are the people who will be aware of others that have the drive and desire to further the ministry of the church.

Many times churches face a situation where nobody wants to work or serve on a committee that actually does something. As long as you have to show up for the meetings once or twice a year, and get patted on the back for doing so, may people are content with their “service to God.”
These same people put the same kind of people on the other committees, that way no one makes them look bad. And it is always the same ones that serve, because no one else will step up to the plate, and people are too scared/shy to approach the ones who would be beneficial to inquire if they would serve.
These are the people who need to be motivated. Committee chairpersons need to assign tasks for them to complete. If they still don’t, then they should be removed at the next term of office. Every committee should be accomplishing something for the betterment of the church. If not, the committee and its purpose is either unnecessary or the members  of the committee are. We need to get churches back to the point where goals are set, and committee members understand their role in reaching the goal.
So how do you change things? Put active people in places where activity is needed. You can put a rock on a hillside. Walk away and expect it to roll downhill, because that is what gravity does. It causes things to go downhill. But most of the time, if you don’t nudge or bump the rock, or the ground doesn’t shake below it, there will be no movement of the rock, no matter what you think it should do. So go nudge the rock. Start a movement that will continue until its goal is reached.
Then when these people get moving and decide that they want to keep on going, a lot of times they will want to serve in positions where they can motivate others, or at least have some control of who they have around them to motivate.
And make sure that these people understand what all of the committees roles and tasks are. When someone is suggested for a position, require them to back that up with how they think that person is qualified for that position. This will stop the cycle of people being put on committees or places of leadership where they are not qualified to serve. It doesn’t mean that they are not capable of doing something else in the church. But make sure the leader can do the job!

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