Friday, May 20, 2011

A Need to Know

From Previous Blog:
      Pass out a form with a list of the committees and their responsibilities to the congregation for them to read at least a month before nominations are held. Have interested individuals indicate which committee that they are interested in. Sometimes you may have someone with resources that fit a certain area that you are not aware of. It also gives people a way to drop off of a committee and serve in another capacity without having to request such an action.

Depending on the size of your church, you may or may not know what resources that you have available from the congregation of your church. Especially if your newer members have not expressed anything about themselves that told of their hobbies or past careers. Many people have career changes these days because of the economy and the shutting down of manufacturing facilities.
And sometimes a new or newer member of your church may not be aware of all of the things that happen “behind the scenes” on a continual basis. Some committees never get mentioned unless a current project needs help or resources from the church.
Make people aware of what your church is doing. You may have a committee that has become stagnant (see earlier blog) but could be revived and prove to be helpful in your ministry. 
So if you haven’t already, make a list of the committees on a paper or a document on your computer. Then start with the top one, and put all of the requirements for the committee, if any. Then put in plain words what is expected of each committee member. Then at least a few weeks, preferably a month before nominations, pass out the sheet to the entire congregation. (If you give out bulletins, this is an opportune time to include a sheet in each one.)
Tell you congregation that if anyone has questions about any of the committees, that they are to contact the chairperson. And if the chair has questions, they need to come to you as the pastor for clarification.
Tell everyone to consider where they can serve the best, and then they are to contact the nominations committee members (it may help to list them on the sheet somewhere) to inquire about being put on the committee. The committee members should make sure that they are aware of that persons qualifications so that they can present them as a candidate at the next meeting.
This way people who need to serve in a certain area are given the chance to serve on that committee, and from their qualifications, you can determine who is the most qualified to serve as chairperson, and not just a buddy or favorite of someone that is put there.

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