Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it Christmas Yet?

Wow, what a weekend. The temps dropped like a rock from what they have been and it was so nice outside during the day and during the evenings we sat on the deck with the torches lit and the chiminea flaming to keep us warm. I love fall and the things that come with it. Cooler temp's, leaves turning all sorts of colors and football! And thanksgiving! Boy can my wife cook. I'm just waiting to have a big meal that day. But now is my dilemna.
My wife and I both enjoy Christmas. I leave decorations up for months, even the tree. It has to start to look like spring before I will take it all down. (I know the neighbors are glad to see the lighted reindeer go! lol)
But I'm ready for Christmas! I love the lights and the sounds and the songs. SO I'm ready to put them up now. But to do that presents two problems;
(1) I will have to use a fake tree again and we've talked about having a live one this year
(2) I don't have anything bought and wrapped to put under the tree yet.

To answer another question, I do know the real reason for Christmas. And we always make it our focus. But we celebrate Christ all year. I'm not just happy for him one month a year. We love him the other 11 too!

What are your christmas habits? When you do put up/tear down at your house? I would like to hear from others about when they decide to decorate and tear down and why? Is there a special reason, or perhaps you've just always done it this way?

And most of all, just celebrate Christ every day!

God bless you all!

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