Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Testimony Part 2: Where I'm At Now

Having been through a lot in my life and being a victor in conquering things that could have and maybe even should have been the end of me, I am ready more than ever to lead a congregation to what should be it's ultimate purpose: True Worship.

My health has never been better. I take some vitamins to make sure my body gets all of the nutrients it needs, but otherwise I'm in great health, both mentally and physically. I have an appreciation for being able to go and do on my own but I can understand the lives of others who are not as fortunate as me and hopefully I can be an encourager to them.

My faith is also at it's strongest. My adversities have played a big part in that, but my wife also a LARGE part. She is an encourager, a believer; both in God and me. As I wrote in an earlier blog, To Sheri, With Love, she has been an important part of my life and she will continue to be. There is nothing better than a godly wife who has a dedicated prayer life and can recognize the voice of God, spoken through the Holy Spirit.

All of the years of experience that I have gained by serving on various committees, as well as having been an integral part in starting and building music ministries and churches that were ready to close their doors has given me an insight that I feel few others have who have just entered the ministry or have only served in a staff position. God has equipped me to be able to serve Him, and I am looking forward to where He would send us next.

I have not hid nor will I ever hide my past. As one person recently put it, "Everyone has a past, it's what they do with the future that is most important." I agree, but you also have to learn from your past and not repeat any mistakes you made along the way.

I also have learned that old dogs can learn new tricks. I like to try things and I'm not afraid to go in a new direction after prayer and consideration. Such was the case 3 months ago when I taught myself the bass guitar. I have played piano for 40 years and for many years I wanted to learn the bass guitar. But because that goes from one type of instrument to the other, I was never sure if I could do it. Well, I have and in 3 months I've already completed a lesson book, I play weekly in the praise band and I look forward to being able to find new ways to use my new found skill in the future. It makes me especially proud of the fact that I went from not being able to stand for more than a few minutes back in the 90's to being able to stand on stage for hours with no problems. To God Be The Glory For The Great Things HE Has Done! (I'll always love that old hymn!)

So I'm proclaiming to the world and to God, Here I Am, Send Me. Let me be an example of what God's love and grace can be for anyone out there who will only seek Him.

Thanks for stopping by to read this blog and may God bless you richly in your life!

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