Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Sheri, With Love

Today I want to do something just a little bit different. I want to make this blog about someone who next to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit means everything to me.
Her name is Sheri.
She is my wife.
Being in the ministry is not an easy thing to do. And after having taken a break to write a book and do a few other projects, I am now looking to re-enter the ministry full time. And it has at times been a bit scary and very uncertain. Pastoral employment doesn't work the same way as a regular job as committees review your resume, often wanting to visit your church and hear you preach if you currently have a congregation or watch a DVD (or youtube/godtube) of you giving a previous sermon. There are multiple steps to the process and it will usually take a church 6 months to a year to find another pastor that they can "mostly all" agree on.
In the meantime there are a lot of highs and lows for the pastor seeking to serve.
And it helps to have someone who will stand beside you and listen to your frustrations, give you comforting words and once again push you toward your goal. It also helps if she is a godly woman who is attentive to the Holy Spirit and knows when He has spoken.
Much is the case with my wife. Until I am called to a church full time, I attend a local church here in Easley, SC called Total Praise Worship Center where I currently play the bass guitar in the praise band. My pastor that serves this congregation, Jeff Doughty, is a spirit-filled man who is passionate and a God seeker! He is the kind of preacher who listens to what God wants him to say, and he says it.
Many times the Holy Spirit has used him for confirmation on issues that I have been struggling with or questioning God about, although Jeff may not have realized that the words were being given to me specifically. Last night was no different.
I knew that God was talking to me with many things that were specifically said, and they are still inline with other prophesies and words that God has given through Jeff in the past. When I got home from church, I could feel it still pouring on me, and I asked my wife if it was just my imagination or did she hear the same thing. Her words were, "I closed my eyes and as he spoke I could feel the light beams zooming from him to you." (I can only imagine the sight with lightsabers being waved around or streams of light passing by my window as I look out from the starship into the universe. Okay, so I'm a trekkie!)
Other times we have left the church, and before we could hardly get home, she would be asking "What did He say? I know He said something. What did He say?" (talking about God.) I would tell her and she would also have a confirmation many times that she was given.
Other times she has come to me with a word that God give her that I needed to hear. Jeff and Sheri (no, not the Easter's, although they are an awesome Southern Gospel singing group) have never been off track with anything that they have said. Each part has come to pass, and it is comforting to me to know I have surrounded myself with godly people.
Other times I have had the Holy Spirit tell me to do something, and all I had to do was to tell her what had to be done. No questions. She always knows where it came from, even if it is as silly to some as holding up a checkbook during prayer time.
Now, I'm not saying my wife is perfect. She is human and she has her downfalls. But for a woman that I would want beside me charging through the gates of Hell to take back the loved ones that were lost, I can't think of a better person to be beside me.
Because of the many years spent in ministry and some events that took place during this time, I had actually considered not returning to pastoring. But once a pastor, always a pastor. On our first date, she told me within the first couple of hours (it lasted 8 hours) that I would be a pastor again. She has said repeatedly that she knew it for certain back then, and she still does now. And I believe her. Because of her, I am ready to dive back in and do what I love best. Leading a church to victory in Jesus and in the community.
So, for those who are seeking a wife or husband. First, make sure that you are in-tune with God. If you can't hear Him, how will you know when He tells you something. Second, when it comes to searching for a mate, find a godly one. Not just a church go-er. My first wife was that, and come to find out, the whole time we were married, she wasn't saved, though she did lead me to think so at times. Find someone who is passionate about God. Someone who prays daily, not only reads their bible, but studies it. Find someone who can give you confirmation of things from God and through their life you will see an affirmation of their faith.
And for those who say you don't need to attend church regularly, if you don't surround yourself with godly people to whom you can turn to for advice and a word from God, where are you going to get it? I have no problem with TV evangelists and preachers, but they can't minister to you as easily as when you are in their midst. To have someone whom is local, that you can observe and learn what kind of a person that they are so that you can trust in their teaching is something that you won't gain from a TV or DVD.
I've said it before in this blog and I'll say it again, find a Christian church (not all the churches with the word Christian in their name really are!) where the word is spoken, prophesies are given (no, it doesn't have to be all gnashing, thrashing and wailing to be told something by God) and you can rest assured that your path will be guided as God would have it to be.
Then sit back and watch what God would have for you. Christian life is never easy, but it is the most rewarding if we give it our all.
Thank you Sheri for giving it your all.
Both to God and to me.
'Til next time, God bless and stay safe!


  1. What a loving tribute to your wife, and a really encouraging share about the power of a Godly marriage!

  2. I agree with Shanyn. It's so encouraging to see the power of a Godly marriage at work. Best of luck as you continue your search for a new church! (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)


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