Wednesday, September 21, 2011

El Nino, La Nina, The Santa Maria and the Pinta Too!

I use on a regular basis to keep up with upcoming conditions for the week. I like to work outside, and I can plan my inside and outside activities by what they predict for the upcoming forecasts (usually).
So today i noticed that they are predicting the next 3 months of weather patterns on the website. Cold for us, a possible repeat of last fall/winter (snow on Christmas Day again?) because of some ocean patterns in the pacific. I'm not complaining one bit if they are right. Anything above 70 is getting warm to me. I can always put clothes on, but nobody wants me nekkid in the summertime in this heat!
So they are going to use patterns from previous years to predict the upcoming months when it comes to heat/cold, rain/drought, snow/(hot christmas?!?). I somehow do not think that just because a pattern has done something in the past, that it will do it again.
So, have you ever realized that we do people the same way? If someone has done something either good or bad in their past, most people will assume (you know what they say about that word) that they will do it again. And they will pass it down to their gene pool. Trash begets (google it) Trash, Rich begets Rich (so, so true, unless they spend all of daddy's money first), Criminal begets Criminal and Christian begets Christian (news flash, God Ain't Never Had a Grandchild)!!!
People can change. People don't have to pass along their wrongdoings and the way of life that goes with it. That is what finding a "new life in Christ" is all about. That is salvation. You're being saved from terrible consequences that will happen if you don't change your ways, and do it quickly. Most unchurched people have a hard time grasping that concept. And it is a hard one to teach. Some people think it can be broadcast on a church sign or a billboard and everyone will fall down in front of it and repent. WRONG!
People need someone to explain to them. People need someone who will go door to door and visit. Get to know the folks in the area and let them get to know him/her. Then the opportunities to share Christ with others will arise and God's work can be accomplished.
Then forecasts such as: "Well, He is Senior's kid, and as sorry as that louse is, I guess he will be too." will be stopped in their tracks. There are many others but this is one that happens too often.
Let's stop all of this forecasting. Forget the persons past. Let's make a different path for their future. Then when we stand before God at His throne, we will hear Him say, "Well, done my good and faithful servant."
May God bless and come back to visit again.

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