Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Boy and His Dog: Days Three and Four

Scooter tried to finally pull what I expected him to pull. He took a day to resist almost everything that we worked on. It was as though he had his own agenda and he didn't want to follow mine.
Sound familiar anyone? Either with you and God or you and your children?
We tried working on sitting and staying for long periods, rather than one minute. We tried working with the leash and him not pulling. He stayed in the cage more than he stayed out of it on Tuesday.
Now Wednesday rolls around. My wife is off work on Wednesdays and with another distraction at home, I figured this would be even worse. SURPRISE!
I finally broke him from pulling the leash. He now walks at my side and the gentlest tug will bring him in my direction. He can actually lay at my feet and even when "grandma" comes around, he will still continue to be still. One more try at the leash last night confirmed that he is indeed leash trained now.
How many of us try to do things our own way? How many of us have our own agendas, and then we wonder why we can get nothing done? Do we not listen to what God tells us to do? And why?
There used to be an old commercial that went, "Things go better with Coke." Well, can I change that and say, "Things go better with God."
When scooter gave in and quit trying to "have it his way," great progress was made and he got to go alot of places in the yard during an easy stroll.
Why is it that you're so tired? You feel like you never get anything done? You look around you and your accomplishments are few and far between?
Are you feeling a tug from God and especially the Holy Spirit? Do you know you should be doing something, even though you cannot see why or what you will gain from it?
Quit fighting what God's plan is for your life and start following for once. True, you may be a born leader, but if you don't understand how to be led, what makes you think you're going to be able to lead?
Thanks for stopping by today and may God bless you in your life's journey.

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