Friday, September 23, 2011

A boy and his (grand)dog

When you get our age and the kids are grown and gone, you sometimes tend to substitute. Well, enter the pets, 2 chihuahua's and a boxer. As if that isn't enough, one son has a huge dog (can't remember the breed, but HUGE, sweet and gentle) and the other has two dogs (beagle/chihuahua mix) and a black lab, maybe collie, maybe ... well ... he's definitely mixed (up!) lol
All of the dogs do pretty well. Our 2 chihuahua's were pretty wild when we married, and I took the time to really teach and train them. Now I don't even have to say a word. I can look at them and they know what to do.
Well ... our granddog ... he is a different story. Probably in part it is because he's still a puppy (9 months old) and maybe it is his mix of breeds causing his uproar, but he will not listen to any commands and does what he wants to. But most any dog is still trainable (I hope), even though they are young.
So next Sunday, we're going to trade dogs. Our three for the problem (grand)child. They want me to straighten him out, and they have given me one week to do it in. Oh boy. I don't know how much success I'll have with him, but let's just say it's going to be an interesting 7 days.
In thinking about what I am going to do for punishments and rewards (no, I don't abuse animals, but I strongly get their attention, if I did, would they send me their dog for a week?) I thought about how we want the same thing out of God.
We want the problem children in church to be whipped into shape by the next Sunday, and we expect God to pull it off. Now granted, He can perform miracles. He's done plenty of them already around here. But just how much success do you think He will have if the participant isn't especially willing? Just because you want that committee member/elder/teacher/bully to start listening to God and behaving themselves, doesn't mean that it will happen overnight. They have to be willing to start to change on their own.
Now with Scooter the granddog, he will hopefully be given the initiative through the rewards program that he will learn next week. But with people, it isn't that easy. We have to educate them that what they are doing is even wrong. Pray for guidance first from God. Go to them. Talk to them. Try to show them how their actions are harming the work of the Lord. But sometimes you have to pray "Lord, if you don't move them, move me." Some people are unreachable. It is sad to say. And sometimes it is someone else who can reach them down the line. But if they are hurting your spirit and preventing you from serving, then sometimes you need to let God move you.
So anyway, it will be interesting to see if scooter gets "moved" or not. For his sake, I hope so. Our son loves him so much, but with his refusal/inability (not sure yet) to act upon a command from his owners, something has to be done.
So until next time, may God bless, and when God gives you a command, listen, don't make Him school you!  :-)

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