Monday, September 26, 2011

A Boy and His Dog: Day One

(this week I will be posting about my experience in training our granddog to be better behaved. there may be some nuggets to glean, there may not be. we'll see.)
Well, my granddog arrived yesterday afternoon at our house, accompanied by his dad (our son). The weather wasn't too bad so we spent the major portion of the afternoon on the deck out back of the house. Our three daughters (boxer, chihuahua x 2) were still here, (our son is taking them for the week so that there will be no distractions) so we let them play with our granddog. I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some of his pent up energy expended before we get down to business.
Now, my granddog is a very loving dog, and he loves our boxer. They rip romp up and down the yard and all over the deck (it is almost half the length of the house and 12 feet deep). Then he decides since he is a (unfixed until later this week) male and she is a (fixed) female, he wants to do what comes natural.
Finally I had to take him by my side and rein him in. He is very strong and strong willed, and I had to keep a tight hold on him to get him to stay beside me. For about an hour, he tried to balk at any chance that he got at having to obey me.
But by the end of the afternoon, he had started to relent and he would lay at my side without me holding on to him, even when the boxer walked up to him. He even was able to obey a couple of rules that I have set forth for our daughters in the house, such as staying out of the kitchen while I cook and we eat.
So I think there is hope for him yet.
Are we like my granddog (scooter) at times? Do our natural instincts to sin kick in and sometimes God has to rein us in and hold us back from participating in consequences that are detrimental to our safety and well being?
We are born into sin because of the curse of Adam and Eve (Read Genesis if you're unfamiliar with the story). So it is our nature to sin. But just like scoot, we have someone who will love us, rein us in, and guide and teach us (through life lessons and His word) how we are to act, respond to, and live our lives.
I thank God everyday for Him. I would be nothing without Him and I know it.
Do you know Him? Do you know the person who can keep you from going down a wrong path and ruining your life and maybe the lives of others, not to mention your eternal life? If you don't, please contact me (see profile) and I'll be glad to talk to you. I have already had many opportunities through email to share Christ with others around the world, and I will gladly share it with you.
May God bless you in your life's journey,

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