Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank Goodness For My God and (Step)son

I know this is a day late (and I'm a dollar short! lol), but my computer finally had sunken to it's lowest of lows. It was taking 20 minutes from the time I pushed the power button until it was booted and online. Now granted, it is over 4 years old and still had the original install, but it was time to do something. Error messages had became the norm for the day.
(side note): Shawn is Sheri's son by a previous marriage, making him my step son legally. But! To me, he is my son. Therefore, he will no longer be referred to as "step".
So my youngest son is a computer guru. He knows how to change out parts, rewire, and replace. He also understands how to tweak a computer.
Tuesday during the day I backed up all of the info I wanted to keep (20 gigs worth) and I let him have the laptop that night after he arrived home from work. He reformatted, reinstalled windows and then set about putting all of the programs that I wanted back onto the hard drive. Needless to say, it took awhile. But now I only have 12 gigs being used on my 52 gig hard drive as opposed to 40 gigs and a really slow computer. I left the 20 gigs on disks and I'll just pull from them as needed. Now in just over a minute I'm go from off to online and I love it. Now it acts like it did back when I first bought the thing.
Then it hit me last night as we were finishing up.
This is a lot like salvation/forgiveness.
We get so bogged down and it takes forever to do anything that we want to accomplish. Error messages are everywhere in front of us and we begin to think that our lives are not worth much. We're bogged down by sin and it keeps us on the brink of having a fatal error.
Then we ask God to forgive us and cleanse us and make us whole again. He reformats our brain and helps us see anew again. We start to be able to make decisions clearly, think clearly and we act like we're supposed to act.
So, thank you Shawn (no, you're not God! lol) for fixing my computer and thank you God (yes, you are the one true God!) for saving me and cleaning me up and helping me to run a lot better!
Thanks for stopping by and come back again tomorrow!

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