Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new makeover for the body and the house

The new carpet and padding is installed. The guys who came out to put the carpet in were great, and they completed their job in only a few hours. What was once just barren plywood and nails with tack strips (those things really hurt when you step on them! especially in bare feet!) is now carpet that runs "wall to wall" in both bedrooms.
The daunting task now before me was to put the furniture back in place before I start hauling boxes back in to be unpacked (honey, do we really need all this clutter? lol) So I grab the hand truck and start moving pieces back to their places one at a time. For the most part, I remember where everything goes. But then the worst of it happens.
Remember the monstrosity of a computer desk that I talked about? Well, I got the pieces back into the room and near where they were to be assembled. Then, I forgot how it came apart. Now, mind you, it is only two pieces. But they have all of these interlocking pieces (pins and these funny little round things) that have to fit just right before it will go back together, and I can't remember exactly how to do it so that it will fit like it originally was. Well, with the removal of two pins that weren't really doing anything (I hope) I managed to get the desk back together and everything tightened back down.
Now, I know what you're thinking. What has this got to do with anything religious? Well, in Revelations chapters 21 and 22 it talks about God sending down a new heaven and earth after the old earth has been obliterated. And I got to thinking, sometimes it seems like it would be the easiest thing. Just bulldoze the house and start over. Have a modular dropped in, and new furniture delivered and setup and start anew. No sweat, no back breaking lifting (thank goodness for these cool furniture pads I used from the shopping channel) and beautiful things to enjoy.
But God isn't like that. We can't just start over when we want. We can redo material things, but we can't relive our existence here on earth. We can spruce up our houses with new carpet and paint, repaint/repair our old cars, but underneath it is going to be the same thing that it was before.
Some people don't understand how saved people (or church people as some people use the term - argh, that one drives me crazy) can be "made new in Christ" yet still not be perfect. It's because it is the same body that you were born with. The same brain that you were born with. Everything that caused you to sin is still there. But you are given a new carpet without any stains, and a fresh coat of paint so that you will look different to the world. What you choose to do with it will be up to you. And what you now bring into your life will make a difference as to how clean it stays.
Will you walk on it with the same things that stained the previous carpet (alcohol, drugs, adultery, lies, etc.) and try to get God to vacuum it up for you the next time you are in the presence of others that you want to impress? Why should you carelessly trample what God has given you anew and expect Him to clean up your mess every time you need it?
Start today to take care of what He has given you, both materially, spiritually and physically. People who get a transplant are particularly careful to take care of their new body part. So we should do the same with our mind, spirit and our body.
So you've never gotten a new coat of paint or new carpeting in your life? Admit that you have stained your inner carpet and dinged the walls of your body beyond repair. Ask God now to forgive you of your wrong doings. Believe that Jesus came down from Heaven and lived a blameless life as stated in the bible. That He died for you, His blood staining the ground ( Those stains are the only ones we should ever need. ) as He hung on the cross, and then He arose from the grave and went back to Heaven to be with His Father. Then you can have the new start, the fresh carpet, the new paint job (people will notice how much brighter and different you look).
For the rest of you who got your new carpet and paint job some time ago. Get out the vacuum cleaner and address those areas that need cleaning. Pull out the paint brushes and touch up the areas that have been scarred on you and the ones around you.
Then, enjoy what you once had before you, a beautiful and fresh home (your body/life).
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to remember where the rest of this stuff goes!
Thanks, God bless, and have a great day!

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