Friday, July 22, 2011

There are two grave sides to every story

We are in the middle of replacing the carpet in two of our bedrooms. (one reason I haven't had time to blog as much as I would like.) Well, a local warehouse store in Easley had the carpet we liked, and a special on installing if we had everything empty and ready, it was only 37 bucks for as many rooms as we wanted for the install. Great Price!
Just one thing, we have to empty the rooms of furniture (where do you put the furniture from two rooms when you have a house full of furniture?) We finally decided on the garage and filled it up with boxes of stuff that we packed and the furniture from the bedrooms.
Well, one bedroom, one office (that could be a bedroom.) Have you ever seen those monstrosities that are called computer desks that come in an L-shape and takes all day to assemble? Well, It had to be disassembled and moved as well. Oh boy, that was fun.
So we get this great idea to paint the master bedroom to match the master bath, since the carpet was out and it would be easier. Well, a small project has turned into a big one. (story for another day)
But, I digress.
I needed to haul the carpet away once we pulled it up. No truck. And a convertible with the top down and carpet sticking up everywhere wasn't gonna do the trick either.
So, I commandeered a truck and we went in search of the place to dump the carpet. I thought I remembered how to get to the one that Easley residents are supposed to use. My stepson had shown me how to get there by turning up the side of a graveyard and following the road out through several intersections.
So we turn beside the graveyard and start out. Well, we go for a few miles and things do not look too familiar. Then we go a few more miles and they really don't look too familiar. We turn around and start back the way we had come.
Then I have a brainstorm. Let's get back on Hwy 93 and watch for the signs. Well, we got back to the graveyard and guess what? There was the sign for the recycle center. But it is on the other side of the graveyard, and it goes in a different direction (westerly instead of north, i think). So we start out in the direction of the sign and a few miles down the road, we are fortunate enough to come to our destination.
Coming back I recognize the name of a road that is closer, and we turn down it, not having to backtrack to the graveyard. (maybe next time I go by a graveyard I will be lying in a casket and i won't have to look. those places are too weird.)
Christianity is like my journey today. We start out on the journey to know God, then someone shows us a way to get directly to our destination, but for some reason we get sidetracked. (Baptists call this backsliding, I think.) Then when we get back on track and we want to head to the same destination (Heaven), we think we know the way and try to find it ourselves. But we wind up in the wilderness (at least most of us didn't spend 40 years there like Moses and all those people). We start to backtrack, and when we decide to look for a sign (the Bible) and we find it, and read it, then we can begin our journey in earnest.
I pray that you will take the time in the coming days and read your bible. Don't have one? Email me. Do have one? Open it up. Can't understand a word it says? Go to a Christian book store and find one that you can read. NIV translation is one that some people find easier to understand. (I know, some of you are KJV all the way. Remember, it was translated hundreds and hundreds of years after the original.) Or you can visit and you can pull up many versions of the bible for free.
The main thing is read. Then once you do, follow the instructions. Still need help? Find a church where you can worship (and where they actually worship, not just go through the motions like most churches these days). Get involved, ask questions, and hopefully learn from the sermons and classes that you will attend.
May God bless you on your journey!

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