Monday, June 27, 2011

(8) The church directory doesn’t have last names.

(8) The church directory doesn’t have last names.

I can’t decide if this is good or bad. I think it can be both. If your church is so small that first names are never repeated, either you live in a VERY multicultural neighborhood or you simply have a small church. I know of a church not far from here that basically has all family in it. There are a few others who have known the family members for years and years, but their numbers are few. The church is small, and for many reasons will probably stay small.
But then again, it could be a good thing when people would be known by their actions. I lived in a neighborhood that had a local mom and pop restaurant. There were 4 Keith’s who ate there on a regular basis. I was Motorcycle Keith (always on my Harley). A guy who fished constantly was Fishing Keith. A Sheriff’s Deputy was Cop Keith. And an owner of a concrete business who rarely cooked for himself was known as Eatin’ Keith.
So why can’t we have the same thing happen in church. People should be thankful for their talents, as they truly are a gift from God. I know, you went to a trade school/college for a degree in your field. But God gave you the brain and the smarts to be able to study and learn it. (so take a minute and tell Him thank you if you haven’t already!)
We could have Teaching Susan, Piano Susan and Kitchen Susan in our congregations. It would honor them for their service to God and to the church. Make people feel appreciated. When people feel needed, loved and appreciated, they tend to stick around. Don’t wait until they leave to run and tell them how much they are missed.
It’s like how I feel about dying. Don’t wait until I croak to stand up and tell everyone how much you loved me or enjoyed doing things with me. Tell me now. Then maybe I will want to do more with you. No, I don’t need a big head, and that is not why I’m saying do this. But we’re humans. We have the need to feel loved. Needed. That is what should help to draw us to God. Knowing that He loves us and needs us to further his work here on earth. Then we will be renewed and ready to march on in our lives, even when the going gets tough.

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