Friday, June 24, 2011

(7) There’s dried tobacco juice down both sides of the church van.

(7) There’s dried tobacco juice down both sides of the church van.

One thing my wife hates is a dirty car. And one thing I hate is to have to clean them. I’m not messy, but sometimes things get dirty even though it wasn’t intentional. I will tell myself that I’m going to go clean it up when I get home, and I forget when I get there. Or it will rain for a few days. The dirt and grime from the road will splash up on the car, and I will say that I’m going to wash it on the next pretty day. Then they will forecast rain again in a few days, so I will decide to wait until after that has passed. Vicious cycle. Needless to say, it never gets washed, because it usually rains every few days here.
But thank goodness there is never any tobacco juice stains on the outside either. There may be some bird poop, and it may be a little runny if the bird’s tummy wasn’t doing too well that day, but no tobacco juice.
I eventually feel bad about my wife having to ride in a dirty car, and I’ll either wash it myself or give in and spend the money to have someone else do it. To answer your next question, yes, I do have pride in what I own and drive. It’s paid for finally, and that is enough right there to make me happy. So I will say today that I will start to be more diligent about keeping my cars clean from now on. (okay wifey, you can stop applauding now!)
The church van however is another story. People perceive how we are by what they see us doing, and how we take care of ourselves and our belongings. So if any church property is suffering because of our misuse (leave the tobacco at home next time) or failure to maintain it, then who can we blame when the world looks down on us?
If we can’t get off of our rears and take care of our stuff, at least start taking care of God’s stuff. Yes, that is His house. And his van, car, bus or whatever is used by the church. You want God to bless you? Start by taking care of what He has given us to use, but in worship/ministry and at home. Then when He sees you taking care of what you already have, He might be prompted to give you more to take care of. But just like an irresponsible child, if they can’t take care of what they already have, why should we as adults give them anything else to tear up?
Let’s start caring about what we have around us, both at home, work and at church. Volunteer your time and help to get things done. Physical limitations? Give an offering (above what you tithe) to pay someone to do it. Just get it done! Then we won’t be the brunt of jokes or have people misperceive us and our intentions.

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