Monday, March 21, 2011

Can someone please find me a doctor?

Jehovah Rophe. When I was growing up, I had never heard this complete term. I think somewhere I had heard or seen the word “Jehovah”, but I still can’t place where. One thing I can say about the “wailers and the gnashers.” I finally learned about having a relationship with the one person who would never turn his back on me. It took me long enough to hear about it though. Somehow the Pentecostals can get caught up in the “wailing and gnashing of teeth” so much that even they forget who they are “crying out to.”
But thanks to a radio station, Christian music artists, and a Christian book writer that I have come to love (I’ll tell you more about him later), I began to understand what was intended for me when God put me on this earth.
As I mentioned, in 1994 I was diagnosed with MS, a degenerative and crippling disease. Today I am disease free. The brain is one thing that cannot heal its self. It can train another undamaged part to function as the old one, but it cannot restore its self. Today I have no damage left from the MS. (if you are unfamiliar with MS, google it)
Rophe means “healer,” and that is what my God was. A Healer. Jehovah (Hebrew name for God) Rophe (“healer”), put them together and you have God Healer. No other explanation for it. I was in the wheelchair for 4 years. The doctors said I would never walk unassisted in my life again. If I was lucky, I may learn to use a walker very sparingly.
Today I use nothing. As a matter of fact, 6 years after my diagnosis, I was once again riding my motorcycle, and I bought a Harley as a celebration present. (it was one month before my 40th birthday, so technically not a midlife crisis … LOL)
We are promised healing, either in this life, or in the next one with God in heaven. For there is no sickness, no pain, just joy and triumph when we cross over Jordan.
It is my wish that more people would come to know and understand what an awesome God we have. But there is more to God than just Rophe, there is Jireh, of which I will speak of in the next blog.

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