Monday, March 28, 2011

You don't stand a snowballs chance in ...

Gotcha! We're not going there yet. But let's talk about snowballs.
OOPS! I Know! I wasn’t going to say anymore on the Names of God. But I had an idea how to explain “Shalom” or “peace”, thus Jehovah (God) (of) Shalom “Peace”
Snowballs: Start by rolling a snowball, but all you have is a hillside of snow to pick from. Bottom of the hill is the house, and the yard has been “snow blown” to remove the snow for easier maneuvering on the property. You start at the beginning of the hill, rolling around, until the snow at the bottom of the hill is gone. You want more snow, so you start rolling it uphill. But the harder you try, the harder it gets (gravity). You continue to do it yourself, until you are at a stalemate. Suddenly, your grip slips, and the snowball runs backward over you, pounding you to the ground. The snowball continues down the hill, gaining speed with the forces of gravity. It reaches the bottom, just where you wanted it, and it continues until it smashes into the side of the house. Gone. All that work. Poof. Gone in an instant. The snow spray from the explosion lands all around you as you lie on the ground watching the sky, asking God how this could happen to you. As you feel the snowflakes land softly around you, you close your eyes and cry that your snowball is gone. But the flakes keep falling. And falling. And falling. It’s snowing again. God is sending your “rain” that you wanted in the first place, and it is right where you need it. Soon, your yard is smothered in white and you half roll and bound down the hill to start your snowball in earnest again. Life is like that. Jehovah-Shalom is like that. He is our peace. Our Shalom. Instead of trying to do everything by ourselves, and put ourselves in stress and turmoil fighting battles that we didn’t have to fight, when if we had waited on Him, we would have our rain, our snow, whatever it is that you’re needing. So quit stressing! Let your "Shalom" bring HIS peace to you when life doesn't work like you wanted it to!
(okay, now back to Upside Down Christianity in the next blog, I promise!)

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