Saturday, April 2, 2011


I had a good friend email me this question, and I want to share my response.
Is it better to believe or to do God's work? (don't say both!) 
My Reply:
My feelings are that you have to believe (first). However, many people 'believe' that as long as they 'believe', then they are good to go. Problem being, ask them what they believe in, they can't tell you.
So first, you have to find out what you believe. (If you have ever felt guilt over this subject, that is the Holy Spirit working on you, so yes, you believe.) Now to find out what you believe.
Easiest way to find that out is to ask yourself:
Do I believe in a Religion? ([to my friend] well, you have been involved in Catholicism, I'd say yes, since Catholicism is a religion)
If the answer is yes, then:
Is the religion that I believe in just that? A religion? (for the most part, Catholicism is just that, religion, although it is the closest religion to Christianity, since it is loosely based on the bible.)
Or is there something more?
Many people think that church is Christianity. Most people who find themselves not believing in God, usually believe in God, but they have lost faith in the church. Church isn't God, it isn't Christianity. It is a way to gather to worship God.
Christianity means "Christ-like" ... And is based on the teachings of the Holy Bible (no matter what version you read, though I prefer the NIV).
Think on this.
Once you understand what you believe, then you can do His work if you believe in Him (God, as given to us by his word, The Holy Bible [not just the Old Testament, but the New Testament also).
So, what do you believe? What? You don’t believe? Sorry to tell you, but you do. Everyone who has an opinion or has decided something believes. I’ve heard people say, “I’m not a believer.” I knew what they were saying. They don’t believe in God, Christ, Holy Spirit, etc. But the problem is that they do believe. They have just accepted something else. That becomes their belief. And when they do not recognize their beliefs, then their unconscious decisions that they make on those unrecognized beliefs guide their paths in dangerous directions, and they are easily influenced.
I believe. I believe in God (the whole Trinity), Satan (he is explicitly described in the bible) and the other realms that exist around us. Other realms? Yes. Why do you think the bible is so definitive when it comes to the Holy Spirit? Otherwise, if it were the only one, it would just be “The Spirit.” Since it is the “Holy Spirit”, don’t you think there are “unholy” ones around? So there are spirits around us. There are also angels around us. “I will give my angels charge over thee.” I believe in what the bible says, so I feel protected, and I do not let myself worry over any spirits or ghosts that may be lurking.
So what do you believe in? Feel free to comment anytime in this blog, I welcome your feedback.
Until next time!

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