Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have a little talk

When I’m praying, it can happen one of two ways:
(1)     Have a little talk with Jesus. I suppose some people think that I may be crazy when they ride down the road and observe that I’m the only one in the car, the radio is off, yet I’m steadily talking to someone, and it doesn’t appear as though I have Bluetooth setup. During these times, I’m having my talks with Jesus. I put Him in the seat beside me and I talk. I spill my guts. I question things, ask for guidance, and sometimes just sit and meditate, waiting on His reply. And by the way, you don’t have to always be asking. You can spend some time thanking Him too. You’re alive. If you’re reading this, you’re in good shape.
(wow, you really are looney tunes!) Nope, and I’m not going around “hearing voices.”I do open my heart and my mind, and I do have thoughts come into my head that could only have come from Him. The revelations are too divine to be from someone else. Some would say that it’s my brain working through things and then coming up with a solution. I don’t think so. Sometimes, possibly, but not all the time. Thoughts are given to me and I see them as prophesies upon my life and things that are happening around me.
A lot of times this is easier for me to do than to just sit, close my eyes and pour my heart out. Which brings me to the next avenue:
(2)     Praying in a worship service in front of others. Sometimes out loud and others are joined silently. Sometimes privately while other around me worship in their own style. You have to be careful not to try to “fake” your way around a prayer. The Pharisees had that part down pat. Luke 18 9-14 tells how God honors prayer. And when you pray, believe what you pray for. I recently prayed over a fellow brethren whose father had been diagnosed with cancer. Within a week he was pronounced cancer free. BELIEVE! Don’t be so dad burned shocked when your prayers come true. Just thank God, and know that next time you pray in earnest, and believe in what you’re praying, God will honor that request. Don’t be stupid and ask God for a million dollars, then go sit on your be-hunk-us and do nothing. He doesn’t want to hear that crap. But ask for things that are what your heart truly wants. Your spouse/bf/gf/bff that is unsaved, and needs to find Jesus. The money that just isn’t there to pay the bills, or buy the groceries. The job that you are seeking. The school where you are attending. These are the things that should be dearest to your heart, though not the only ones. That list would be rather lengthy, and only you know what all you truly desire. Then prepare yourself in song. We’ll look at that in the next blog.

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