Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why are we such a failure?

Okay, back to why our so called Christian churches have failed Christianity. They have turned it all upside down. The church is standing on their heads, and a lot of things are falling out.
Let me get one thing straight. There is no perfect church. There will be sinners present (I hope) in every church, as this is the great commission, to save the lost from dying and going to Hell.
But there will be Christians present too (I hope), though I wonder sometimes at some of the churches that have made latter day news, particularly a certain church and their warped views on war and God.
Churches base their programs on what they can do to draw in membership. Youth programs, small group programs, ministries that are age/gender related, Praise bands with full instrumentation (someone forgot that David only had his harp), elaborate dancers and costumes, and many more things that the attention is focused upon.
Worship! Telling God “Thank You” for all that He has done. We put more emphasis on what we DO to Worship, rather than ACTUALLY Worshipping. Did the band play the right music? Was the speed fast enough? Slow enough? Were the costumes clean and modest? I could go on and on. But you get the picture.
Do you ever walk out of church and make a checklist of whether you REALLY worshipped? Have you ever asked yourself if you felt like you were in the presence of God today in church? Or do you find yourself thinking about how cool the video is that goes along with the song, or how the fried chicken at the local mom and pops will be good today? Or that cute dancer in the front row of the line?
I want to start looking at WORSHIP. What it is, Why we do it and How we do it in my next few blogs. Let’s get the church back on track to where it is supposed to be. Before you blow up about this blog, let me say this. I am not opposed to anything that I have mentioned in this blog. But I AM opposed to making these the priority, and not the means through which worship happens. Let the singers sing, let the musicians play, let the dancers dance. Let us have our eyes and ears toward Heaven, worshipping with the others as they perform their tasks before them.

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