Friday, April 8, 2011

Put Your Actions Where Your Bible Is!

Hmmm ... I know what you're saying right about now:
"Okay. Whew. Dude. That was a lot to take in during those last few blogs, wasn’t it?"
So how do we use this knowledge today? The happenings that are mentioned in the previous few posts are not just for “back then.” They are for “here and now.”Problem is, most of us are too self-conscious to let ourselves truly worship in front of others. There are many things that need to happen in our worship. NO, they do not have to happen at the same time. But they should be an integral part of our worship efforts on a regular basis.
(1) Block out all that is around us and surrender to Him
(2) Prayer
(3) Singing/Playing of Instruments
We’ll look at these in depth in the next few blogs.
SURRENDER! Makes you think about the times when you’re watching a movie and the cops have the bad guys cornered. What’s the usual line? “We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up and surrender.”
Did you know that God has you surrounded? His Holy Spirit is everywhere, along with angels. Satan will try to poke his pitiful crowd in the midst somewhere, but he is too small (only 1/3 of Heaven followed him, so for every demon, there are 2 angels) to do anything unless you let him.
So when you walk into a church service, know that you are surrounded there too. You’re in His house. So of course He’ll be there too. Satan will often times show up and see if he can yank anyone out, but when the Spirit fills the whole place, it’s all over but the shouting. (so to speak).
Try this next time you’re in church. There is usually something that is done at the opening of the service that requires you to stand. Opening Hymn, prayer time, whatever, it doesn’t matter. There is no real order of service that is better than one or the other.
Start out by surrendering. You say, “How do I do that?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Go back to what I mentioned earlier about the cops and bad guys. When the bad guy decides to come out and save their hides, what do you always see them doing? They have their hands raised, with the palms pointed toward the person that they are surrendering to. It is a sign to show that they are not hiding anything, and that they have no other weapons. Try to do the same. Raise your hands. You can keep your eyes open or shut, but try to focus toward Heaven, and tell God that you surrender. All of the junk that you walked into the church with. The bills, the kids and their unruliness, your spouse and their tardiness/nagging, everything. Say, “Okay God, this is all yours. I’m not going to try to deal with this in my own mind. I need you to use your mind and show me what is best to do.” Ask God for forgiveness. Yes, all of the other people may have done you wrong, but you’re not perfect either! Then pray. This is the next hardest part for most people. More on this in the next blog.

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