Sunday, March 27, 2011

You can never go "home" again

Jehovah Jireh, MY Provider
In 1987, my first wife lost her job because the company shut down their operations and moved them to Orlando Fla. She tried to get one of the positions there, but too many with too much seniority was fighting for too few spots, so she lost out to someone else.
Frustrated, I continued at my job while she sought job after job. Nothing. Finally a 6 month temp job, which ended. In the meantime, we lost our new mobile home, our new convertible, and had to move to “The Projects.”
Drugs, gang activity and who knows what else surrounded us everywhere. But it was all we could afford.
One year later, she was able to get on with a new company, in another new town, so we all had to pack up and move. I was able to transfer inside of the company, so things did work out.
BUT as FRUSTRATING as it all was, God never let us go hungry, thirsty, or needy for anything.
The day we moved to the “projects”, I was on a run to Atlanta and when I came back in the building to turn in my paperwork, the dispatcher said, “Don’t go home, you can’t go home.”
‘Aw chit’ was my first reaction. I’m headed back out. I’m tired, just pulled a 12 hour run (no DOT around is there? LoL) and I certainly did not want to go back out.
I told him so, and he said that was fine, but that I couldn’t go home. Now, the mobile home finance company had already said we would be evicted the next day. I just wanted to go home and sleep one more day in my bed before I wound up on the streets. Man, I was getting ticked.
Then he told me. “Housing” had called, and we had the apartment. While I was on the run, my wife had gathered up everything with some help of friends, and moved me that day. I now lived in the new apartment.
How is that for timing?
Jireh means Provider. He certainly provided what we needed, when we needed. Not exactly in my time, but it’s never about me. It’s all about Him. The older I get, the more I am learning it.
So many churches fret today about things that God has already started taking care of before they knew it was a problem. CHRISTIANS WAKE UP!!!
The same God that provided for me numerous times, is the same God that will provide for you. Just start believing him. Quit worshipping church, and start worshipping God. Make Him your center of focus, and He will show you the way.
He’s doing that right now. I’m know I’m headed back into the ministry very soon. I don’t know how. But I know. And I’ll keep the blog updated as time progresses.
Until then, Jehovah-Nissi will keep me in His arms. More about this side of God in the next blog.

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