Monday, March 28, 2011


Congratulations! You’ve won!
Isn’t this what we would all love to hear? Publishers Clearing House standing at our door. That guy with the balloons and the oversized check, and our faces frozen in exclamation at the idea of winning a sum of 7 figures or more.
Wanna know a secret how to be guaranteed to win?
Nissi. It means “Standard of Victory.”
When the camera crew and everyone else are on your front lawn and your neighbors are calling to let you know that you’ve got company, then you can be pretty sure that if it isn’t the SWAT team, you’re in luck today. That would be your Nissi. Your standard of victory.
Why do I say that? Because that is what we use to measure success. Wealth. And millions of dollars certainly seems like success to us. (unless you robbed someone to gain that, then shame on you (no politicians, that doesn’t exclude you if your conscience is suddenly screaming.)
How should Christians measure success? Ultimate success is making it to Heaven, and receiving your rewards (should you get any…. Another blog, another day).
But success can be measured here on earth too. Were you able to get thru that test in school today? Were you able to complete your assignment at work that needed to be done for the boss? Were you able to get all of the laundry done and the house cleaned, even though it didn’t seem as though there was time enough to complete the tasks?
That is success! Success is also measured in:
Staying sober for one more day, whether it be from alcohol, drugs or whatever.
Being able to gain your mobility back through therapies.
Stopping yourself before you commit suicide or kill someone/something else.
Keeping yourself from committing any sin, whether it be eating too much, lusting after what someone else has (including their possessions, wife, husband), or a host of other things that we shouldn’t do.
Success! Even though you may sometimes feel like a failure. Success! God knows you are a sinner. He has told us all so! In His word. But how many of us have read His word? The Bible! Start taking time to actually read His words. Quit taking your pastors sermon as a substitute. Start your “fact checking” today! You’ll discover so many people who seemed like failures, so many who seemed as though they would be doomed. Yet they became a success in God’s eyes.
Read ‘em and weep! The tears will bring a cleansing and renewing inside of you and you can begin your road to success.
(next blog…. Hello!?! Is Anybody Here?!?)

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